Snowblowers (that backdrag)

Starting at $11,995 OR $240/month

"I love the MUSKOX, great product. Really handles the wet condition snow that we have. Minimal Clogging."

Scott, New Hampshire

NEW to the MUSKOX 23-78


The Leveling Wheel

Leveling wheel to get you up and running fast and make you efficient with using your MUSKOX

The Serrated Fan

Six blade fan technology to chew through the toughest ice and snow


See the MUSKOX Difference


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MUSKOX 23-78

78" single auger

$11,995 OR $240/month

Recommended for those who want to be the envy of the neighborhood. This MUSKOX is perfect for personal use, at your home.

14 to 50 gpm

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MUSKOX 23-78

78" dual auger

$13,995 OR $280/month

Best option to save time which saves money. This MUSKOX is perfect for clearing commercial & residential properties.

17 to 50 gpm

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