The MuskOx 21-78

snow blower

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Back drap features

Back Dragging 

Our back drag feature allows operators to blow snow while back dragging in front of obstructions such as garage doors, siding, and fire hydrants. This saves time and money, while lowering injury risk by decreasing manual labor.

Glide Plate and lower cutting edge

The glide plate allows you to glide over grass and gravel without ripping up the soft surfaces. Subsequently, create an instant torque on the lower cutting edge to break up snow and ice to better expose hard surfaces.

Glide Plate feature
Chute Height feature

Lowered chute

Our lowered chute improves operator visibility and decreases snow dust while blowing snow. There is a standard UHMW plastic inside the chute that increases efficiency, while decreasing chute plugging. 



MuskOx 21-78






78” wide

1,100 lbs.

low, standard, high


$235/60 months

Shipping Details

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Frequently asked questions

Why buy the Muskox over other options? 

      We save labor costs and reduce injury risk by decreasing manual labor.  


What machines does the Muskox work on? 

      John Deere, ASV, Bobcat, Kubota, Caterpillar, Vermeer, Multi-One.

Is the Muskox for low, standard or high flow machines? 

      We have four motor sizes, allowing us to work on machines from 14-45 gallons per minute.

Where is the Muskox manufactured and assembled? 

      We are American made in Northwest Minnesota. 

Does Muskox stock replacement parts? 

      Yes, we stock replacement parts at our warehouse in Northwest Minnesota and can ship very quickly.


Is Muskox planning on making sizes behind the 78" model? 

      Yes, we are currently testing additional sizes to fit the markets needs.  


Does Muskox work on PTO driven machines? 

      No, at this time the Muskox is for hydraulic driven machines only.  

Is there an included warranty?

       There is a one year warranty, excluding wear parts. 


How can I buy a Muskox? 

      Muskox sells directly to the consumer, email or call us for availability.


Can I become a Muskox dealer? 

      We have developed a premier partner program that allows our operators to promote the Muskox and

      be compensated, contact us for details.  

Do you offer financing?

      Yes, we offer financing through KineticLeasing. Financing options are as low as $235/month for 60              months. Contact us for more details on financing.


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