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MUSKOX Designs Attachments to Assist Snow Removal Professionals
Nov 14, 2023

MUSKOX Snowblowers is back for the winter season with its line of revolutionary snowblower attachments that are designed to save snow removal professionals time and money.

As a testament to its quality and effectiveness, MUSKOX Snowblowers have been sold in 35 states, and with an ever-expanding network of dealers. MUSKOX is committed to bringing its innovations to more customers nationwide.

With a focus on innovative engineering and operator-centric design, MUSKOX embodies efficiency and versatility. According to the company, its back drag feature distinguishes MUSKOX in the market, allowing operators to clear snow up against obstacles effortlessly — reducing the laborious task of shoveling.

Muskox Eyes Market Expansion for Snow blower Attachment
Mar 02, 2020

For many in the design and architecture industries, less is more is a mantra. For the Bergmans, that principle held true with the October 2020 launch of their Muskox bi-directional snowblower attachment. Taking a well-known industry pain point and creating a streamlined solution has allowed the Minnesota-based company to find great success in the last few months, despite launching during the pandemic.

"My father Ron, who is also my partner, was doing snow removal at his shop — he was using two different attachments to do it," said Adam Bergman, co-founder at Muskox. "He had the idea of combining those machines, so he'd only have to use one attachment. My background had been as a real estate investor, and we do snow removal on all our rental property. One of the biggest pain points we had was the shoveling in front of garage doors."

Ahead of the herd
Feb 21, 2022

You could barely make out Ron Bergman’s face through the blast of snow in front of him.

On this frigid day in Mentor, Minn., he was in the cab of a machine powering his own snow removal invention, ripping though hard drifts packed two feet deep. With the flip of a switch, the blower flipped its pitch, now back dragging and expelling snow – with all the grit and growl of its beastly namesake.

Ron was demonstrating the power of the MUSKOX snow removal system he developed and now distributes with his sons, Adam and Noah. The company is still young, with the first MUSKOX units sold in October 2020. However, the business is exploding. Orders for the snow blower have come from 16 northern states and two Canadian provinces.

Mentor, Minn., snowblower company to clear a track in the industry
Nov. 15, 2020

A Mentor, Minnesota, manufacturer has a new way to clear snow, with a machine that could be a game-changer in the industry.

Muskox Snowblowers makes a front-end, hydraulic-driven tractor attachment that blows snow while driving forward, but can rotate to face down and be dropped on a snowbank and continue to blow in reverse. The design allows the operator to clear snow right up to a building or a garage door, without having to get out and shovel what a standard snowblower leaves behind.

Muskox owner Ron Bergman came up with the idea in a “there has to be a better way” moment, after removing snow at his home. The former Arctic Cat engineer would blow snow as far as he could up to the front of a building, but had to switch attachments to a front-end loader to back drag the remainder away. He decided to build a machine that can do both.

“I thought of it in my mind. I built the prototype the next day in my shop here, went out and tested it and it worked better than expected,” Bergman said. “I headed for the patent office right away.”

RDO Equipment Co. Partners with MUSKOX for Snow Removal Solution
13 Nov 2020

RDO Equipment Co. recently announced a partnership with MUSKOX, becoming the only authorized dealer of the company’s namesake snowblower attachment for skid steers, compact loaders, and compact track loaders.

The MUSKOX 21-78 snowblower attachment offers a new snow management solution to customers operating John Deere compact construction equipment, including those working in general contracting, commercial snow removal, landscaping, and governmental applications.

The snowblower features an upper cutting edge, enabling operators to closely approach surfaces and structures and to back-drag and blow snow simultaneously. The bottom glide plate, or skid plate, spans the full width of the blower, allowing delicate snow clearing on loose surfaces like grass or gravel. Tilted into the down position, the skid plate boosts torque to break up compacted snow and ice. Additionally, a lowered chute design increases visibility and decreases chute plugging.

IDEA Competition Names 2020 Winners
June 9, 2020

The IDEA Competition, a program of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation (NMF), has named its winners for the 2019-2020 competition. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual IDEA Competition Awards Banquet has been postponed, but competition organizers are planning a virtual recognition event to take place in the fall in conjunction with kicking off the 2020-2021 competition.


The following businesses were named the 2020 winners of the IDEA Competition:

1st Place: Muskox – Ron Bergman, Mentor

The Muskox makes snow-removal a single step process by continuing to blow snow in reverse. Today’s snow blower attachments only work moving forward. The chutes block vision and lack throwing power. The advantages of this product include: bi-directional snow blowing, upper cutting edges, angled back wall for better sight, slip clutch, and lowered chute. Muskox received a $15,000 cash award and a $5,000 service package from IdeaWorks.

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