ABOUT Muskox

MUSKOX is driven to provide innovative solutions for the snow removal industry.  Launched in 2020, MUSKOX's first patent pending product, the MUSKOX 21-78 offered an innovative option for operators by being the first bi-directional attachment for all brands of skid-steers.  Upon launch, the MUSKOX 21-78 immediately received interest from hundreds of operators and led to sales across the United States.   Our innovative design and brand lead us to be honored several times in our first few months as a company, those honors included....
*2020 Big Idea Winner for state of Minnesota
*National magazine story in Sno-Goer 
*Partnership with RDO Equipment
After a very successful first season with the 21-78, MUSKOX will continue to offer new and innovative product features with our 2022 models.


Having successfully built companies in a few industries, Adam is the leader of the MUSKOX brand. Born in McIntosh, MN, Adam attended the University of North Dakota. Upon graduating college, Adam worked for several small businesses and led sales teams to great success. Adam's interest in entrepreneurship led him into the real estate industry, where be began investing in residential and commercial properties at the age of 28. He continues to be invested in properties, along with several other small businesses and start ups.  
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With patents in the farming industry, snowmobile industry and now the snow removal industry, Ron is the driving force of innovation at MUSKOX.  Born on a dairy farm in  McIntosh, MN, Ron farmed before joining Arctic Cat in 1989.  During his career at Arctic Cat, he managed engineer teams that introduced several industry changing snowmobiles.  Upon his retirement from Arctic Cat in 2018, Ron began working on a new idea, which became the patent pending 21-78 and lead to the start of MUSKOX.  
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Growing up in South Texas, Alexis moved here to start college at the University of North Dakota. She is a graduate of UND with a Bachelors in Business and Marketing. She enjoys working overtime as a waitress at The Blue Moose Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, MN, and spending time with her family. Alexis is currently engaged to be married on September of 2022. She just bought a house that she enjoys renovating!